Customer Reviews 
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From the Bride:

Jenn and everyone at Hairport Salon & Spa was absolutely amazing!!!! Hair, makeup, the atmosphere, it was so fantastic. They are all so sweet and kind and it was a pleasure to spend the morning with them the day of my wedding. It would have not been the same without them to take care of me and all the bridesmaids and make us look absolutely beautiful!

They are great at what they do, as well as listen to you and what you want! I cannot thank Hairport Salon & Spa enough for taking care of me on my wedding day. It was amazing!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

                                                       ~ Mallory B., July 2016​​​​
Comments from Salon Guests:

5-26-17  I love coming to see Beka, and the rest of the staff is just as nice.

​​7-20-17  I love this place and the staff. Make you feel welcome, cared for, and even loved.

​​5-01-18  I just had my hair done by Lisa! I love it! I Love the atmosphere! I will be a regular customer for sure.

Photos by: Dre Photography
           Elk Rapids, MI​